Rondo has been raised globally, with over 10 years spent living in Europe, allowing him to have the privilege to learn Italian, French, and German. He has bonded with people from all walks of life, so he understands people's values and aspirations.

After a very cultured upbringing, meeting people and meeting their needs come to him naturally. With his deep banking background, involvement with church activities, and other community service organizations, his abilities have been reinforced to serve people with a high level of integrity and trust.

As a family man, at the end of the day, he knows what's most important for both his clientele and himself. His genuine sense of family helps him identify with both older generations and younger generations, and raising his own family in San Jose provides him a true perspective of what a "home" here in Silicon Valley truly means.

For more information about buying or selling real estate in Silicon Valley, or to simply get in touch, you can connect with him by texting 408.250.6771 or by emailing